Current Projects

1. Project Title: Chinese Community Public Awareness of Anti-Racism Policies

Funder: The Canadian Race Relations Foundation 

Activities: to provide Anti-Racism workshops, discussions, and one in-person event for the Chinese community in Ottawa.

This Project is funded by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation

2. Project Title: Event for Families and Seniors. 

Funder: City of Ottawa

Activities: to organize a social and recreational event for the families and seniors in the neighbourhood in one of the City’s parks. The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for the neighbourhood to gather, to increase the sense of belonging, and to increase the awareness of Canada’s diverse cultures.  The event will include fun activities for children, performances and information tables from service providers.  This project is funded  by the city of Ottawa.

This Project is funded by the city of Ottawa

3. Project Title: Connecting Vulnerable Chinese Adults and Seniors by Presentations on Safety

Funder: Crime Prevention Ottawa 

Activities: workshops on 1) how to prevent elder abuse, home takeovers, hate crime, scam and fraud, and home break ins; and 2) where to find and get support and help for the above issues

This Project is funded by Crime Prevention Ottawa

Completed Projects